Grand Teton/Yellowstone

September/October 2016

We arrived just when the aspen and cottonwood trees were just hitting their peak color – it was a stunningly beautiful. We were able to spend three weeks in this area, which wasn’t nearly enough to fully do it justice. Both parks are unique and have a great deal to offer to those who visit. Because Grand Teton is at a lower elevation, it has more deciduous trees and was much more colorful in the fall. Yellowstone has incredible vistas, of course, all the thermal features and both parks have great wildlife viewing opportunities. Some of our favorite places:

-- We saw moose, elk, otters, fox or other wildlife on every trip down the Moose Wilson road (GT).

-- Oxbow Bend in GT during the autumn is stunningly beautiful.

-- Schwabacher Landing is also a beautiful spot for pictures.

-- We visited Lewis and Gibbon waterfalls - both were very impressive.

-- All the geysers and thermal features of Yellowstone are really cool!

-- The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is not to be missed – especially from Artist Point.

-- The Lamar Valley is one of the most picturesque places on the planet.

-- We saw many types of wildlife – elk, moose, deer, antelope, coyote, black bear, trumpeter swans, otters, and countless other smaller animals and birds. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see grizzlies or wolves.

To see all of my pictures from the trip.

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